Here’s Why Mickey Mouse Is a Good Influence on Your Baby

Being a responsible parent means ensuring your child grows up to be well-mannered. It's crucial to help them become socially accepted and succeed in all life aspects when they're older. 

Unfortunately, sometimes you can't be by their side to guide them, especially if you have a hectic schedule. For this reason, you want to keep them occupied with a good cartoon, such as Mickey Mouse. 

The friendly, musical Disney icon has survived for decades and has remained a favourite with everyone. From the iconic mouse ears to his positive attributes, this article will discuss ten reasons Mickey Mouse can positively influence your little one. 

He's a Good Friend

Good friends are crucial for creating a healthy social life. Mickey teaches babies that friends are vital and healthy relationships matter. He's always considered his friends' hearts and has never left their side. Eventually, these meaningful relationships led him and his friends to know each other very well. 

He's Friendly

Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character who loves spending precious time with friends. This ever-joyful mouse is ready to entertain children while teaching them that being friendly can help them succeed. He's also very cuddly, making him a favourite to people of all ages. 

He's a Great Team Player

There's not an episode where Mickey accomplishes something alone. He always has trusty and equally fun mates to help him complete the tasks. Mickey Mouse always teaches small children that they can achieve anything if they work together. He also teaches children to let their friends equally share the spotlight instead of only focusing on themselves. 

He's Popular 

We love to promote Mickey because of his popularity. Your children will share their enthusiasm for Mickey with friends and may want Mickey Mouse merch on special occasions, such as a Minnie up plush. 

He's Transparent about How He Feels

While viewers mostly know Mickey as a cheerful mouse, he'll also show other emotions, such as fear, sadness, or anger. This cartoon icon teaches little ones that feeling other emotions is okay. His expressive nature is one reason he continues attracting fans worldwide.

He's Funny 

Children need laughter to grow up happy and healthy. Mickey's silly antics are good enough to sharpen the sense of humour even of the grumpiest baby. 

He's Romantic

From buying flowers and balcony serenades to finding innovative ways to show his love for the ever-delightful Minnie Mouse, this iconic cartoon mouse teaches children that the best gifts come from the heart. 

He's Adventurous

Children must realise that life is an exciting adventure. They must know the art of conquest and fight for what they believe in honourably and commendably. Mickey Mouse can teach children these lifelong values because while he's always enthusiastic about embarking on a new adventure, he'll always ensure that he keeps his wits, friendships, and morals intact. 

He Has Iconic Ears

Mickey Mouse's ears are arguably his best features. His lovable ears lead to purchasing fun, inventive Mickey clothing and acquiring sets of them. You can find this beloved merch in your local stores, such as on caps, Alice bands, slippers, and hair clips. You may also purchase your little one a Minnie up plush from your local baby shop for a few pounds!

Music Is Dear to His Life

Whether singing, dancing, or whistling, Mickey always loves a good song and beat to express his innate joy throughout the show. Your baby will love the melodies and realise that music is excellent for self-expression and upliftment. They'll also realise that every life has a soundtrack. 

Creating a Magical Childhood

A well-rounded child begins at home. Surrounding your baby with good influences at a young age can help them develop lifelong values to succeed. 

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