Pros and Cons of Providing Your Baby with a Security Blanket

Parents want the best for their children. They want to give children all they need to feel safe and at ease. A security blanket is among the most frequent gifts parents give their infants. 

It is a soft piece of cloth that is meant to provide comfort and security to babies. However, like everything else, security blankets have their pros and cons. 

The benefits and drawbacks of providing your baby with a security blanket are covered in the sections below.


1. Comfort and Security

The primary reason why parents give their babies a security blanket is to provide them with comfort and security. 

A soft and cuddly blanket can make a baby feel safe and secure. They become less anxious and more at ease as a result. The blanket can also be a source of comfort when the baby is feeling anxious or scared.

2. Helps with Sleep

Babies need a lot of sleep, and a security blanket can help them sleep better. Wrapping a baby in a nice blanket produces a warm, comforting atmosphere that encourages restful sleep. The blanket can also help the baby to self-soothe and fall asleep on their own.

3. Easy to Carry

Security blankets are small and lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around. Parents can take them when they travel, visit a park, or even just run errands. 

The blanket can provide the baby with a sense of familiarity and comfort, even when they are in a new environment.

4. Can Become a Transitional Object

A security blanket can become a transitional object for a baby as they grow up. When faced with new situations or changes, they know they can rely on it. 

When the infant is not with its parents or in their usual setting, the blanket can help provide them with a sense of consistency.


1. Risk of Dependence

One of the biggest concerns with security blankets is that babies can become too dependent on them. 

If a baby relies too heavily on their blanket, they may have a hard time sleeping or calming down without it. This can be problematic when the blanket is lost or misplaced.

2. Hygiene Issues

Security blankets can quickly become dirty and unsanitary. Babies drool, spit up, and have diaper leaks, all of which can cause the blanket to become soiled. 

Regular washing of the blanket is necessary to avoid the growth of bacteria and germs.

3. Safety Concerns

Security blankets can pose a safety risk if they are not used properly. If the blanket is too large or too thick, it can cause suffocation. 

It’s also crucial to watch out that the infant isn’t wrapped in the blanket too tightly since this could impede their ability to breathe.

4. Can Interfere with Development

If a baby becomes too attached to their security blanket, it can interfere with their development. The blanket can become a distraction, preventing the baby from exploring their environment or developing their social skills. 

It is important to encourage babies to interact with their surroundings and other people.


While security blankets can provide comfort and a sense of security to babies, it is important to be aware of their potential drawbacks. Parents should monitor their baby’s dependence on the blanket, maintain its hygiene, and ensure that they are used safely. 

It is also important to encourage babies to explore their surroundings and develop their social skills. Ultimately, the decision to give a security blanket to a baby is a personal one that should be made after considering the unique needs and characteristics of the child.

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