Tips to Make Use of High Chair When Your Child Is Ready

Having a child in your home means you must constantly think about their safety and the best way to feed them. High chairs are a great way to facilitate mealtime with your little one, but knowing if your child is ready to use a high chair can be tricky.

Here are a few points to consider before purchasing a high chair for your toddler in a baby shop.

1. Child's Age

Most experts agree that babies should be at least six months old before transitioning to a high chair. This is because babies at this age can typically sit independently, which is essential for safety in a high chair. Additionally, babies at this age will have developed enough neck and back strength to support their weight in the high chair.

2. Child's Size

Even if your baby is six months old or older, it may only be ready for a high chair if they are more prominent. High chairs can be too bulky for smaller babies and may not provide the support they need to sit comfortably. It is best to stand by until your baby has grown to the appropriate size before transitioning to a high chair.

3. Child's Developmental Needs

Before moving your baby to a high chair, you should assess their cognitive and motor skills. Your baby should understand basic instructions, such as "sit down" and "stay in the chair". Additionally, your baby should have the motor skills to sit straight in the high chair and reach for food without assistance.

4. Child's Comfort Level

Even if your baby is within the age, size, and developmental requirements for using a high chair, it is vital to ensure they are comfortable with it before placing them in it. Introduce the high chair gradually, allowing your baby to get used to it and explore it before expecting them to sit in it for meals.

Tips for Getting Your Child Comfortable in a High Chair

Getting your child comfortable in a high chair is an essential milestone in parenting. High chairs provide a safe and secure spot for your little ones to sit while they enjoy their meals. Here are a few tips to assist you in getting your child comfortable and safe in their high chair in a baby shop.

1. Start Early

Introduce your child to the high chair as soon as possible. This will facilitate them to get used to the idea of sitting in a chair and sitting in a seated position.

2. Make Meal Times Fun

Try to make meal times enjoyable for your child. Talk and sing to them, and encourage them to try different foods.

3. Use a Booster Seat

You can use a booster seat if your kid is too small for a regular high chair. These small seats are attached to the high chair and can be adjusted to fit your child’s size.

4. Use a Five-point Harness

To ensure your child’s safety, use the five-point harness that comes with the high chair. This will help to keep your child in the chair and prevent them from falling out.


A high chair can be a great way to feed your child safely and comfortably. It allows them to sit up and reach their food more efficiently while providing a safe environment. Additionally, take the time to clean the chair regularly and check for any potential safety hazards. Following these reminders will help ensure that your child has a safe and comfortable experience using their high chair.

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