Picking the Perfect Nursery Furniture: Bambinos & Beyond's Ultimate Guide

Setting up your baby’s nursery is an exciting and important task that mixes design, safety, and functionality. With a multitude of furniture options available, making informed decisions can feel daunting for new and expectant parents.

That's where Bambinos & Beyond steps in. Specialising in new, nearly new, and pre-loved nursery items, we aim to aid you in creating a nursery that’s not only visually appealing but also contributes to your baby’s developmental needs.

Furthermore, we'll explore various nursery themes and how the right furniture can elevate your nursery's aesthetics without compromising safety or comfort. Designer brands and high-quality nursery décor pieces are abound among our product range, and we look forward to guiding you to curated pieces that breathe life into your envisioned nursery theme.

We understand that parents also seek longevity in their nursery furniture choices. Hence, we'll devote a section of our blog series to transforming nursery furniture as your child grows. Our tips on investing in convertible cribs, multi-purpose dressers, and adaptable play mats will see you gaining optimum value from your nursery investments in the long haul.

At Bambinos & Beyond, our principal focus is to be your reliable guide for sourcing affordable and high-quality nursery furniture that meets your child's changing needs. Join us on this illuminating journey as we equip you with the tools and knowledge to create a nurturing, safe, and aesthetically pleasing nursery space.

Start with the Basics: Cribs, Dressers, and Changing Tables

The foundation of any nursery is its essential functional furniture, such as cribs, dressers, and changing tables. Prioritising these basics will help you create a safe and nurturing environment for your baby.

  • Cribs: When choosing a crib, safety is of paramount importance. Look for a crib with slats no more than 6 cm apart, adjustable mattress heights, and sturdy construction. Ensure the crib adheres to the latest safety standards. Top options at Bambinos & Beyond include the East Coast Nursery Angelina Cot Bed, Mamas & Papas Mia Sleigh Cot Bed, and Tutti Bambini Katie Sleigh Cot.
  • Dressers: A multi-functional dresser contributes greatly to nursery organisation and storage. Opt for dressers with ample drawer space, a robust construction, and secure drawer mechanisms to prevent accidents. Brands like Silver Cross, East Coast Nursery, and Obaby offer versatile dressers suitable for various nursery themes.
  • Changing Tables: A well-designed changing table creates a safe and comfortable area for baby changing while offering ample storage for essentials. Consider a table with raised edges, a secure changing pad, and multiple storage compartments. Bambinos & Beyond showcases top picks such as the East Coast Clara Dresser, Silver Cross Nostalgia Dresser Changer, and the Tutti Bambini Modena Chest Changer.

A World of Imagination: Playmats and Play Gyms

Creating a stimulating play environment is vital for your baby's cognitive and physical development. Playmats and play gyms are indispensable additions to any nursery, providing a comfortable and safe space for your baby to explore.

  • Playmats: A good playmat should be thick and soft enough to cushion your baby while providing adequate space for exploration. Choose a playmat with engaging colours, patterns, and/or textures to support sensory and cognitive development. Look for options like the Mamas & Papas Essentials Playmat, Skip Hop Reversible Playmat, and the Taf Toys Mat and Stand Set.
  • Play Gyms: Play gyms foster motor skill development and hand-eye coordination for your baby. When selecting a play gym, ensure it is easily washable, made from baby-safe materials, and features engaging toys, colours, and textures. Popular options at Bambinos & Beyond include the Skip Hop Explore & More Activity Gym and the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym.

A Cohesive Theme: Nursery Furniture Sets

One way to achieve a harmonious and visually appealing nursery is by investing in nursery furniture sets. Curated sets offer a cohesive look without the stress of matching individual pieces. Consider the following factors when browsing for the perfect nursery set:

  • Space Requirements: Measure your nursery space and evaluate how much furniture it can accommodate. Some sets may include extra pieces that may not be needed or suitable for your room size. Plan accordingly, choosing sets that fit and maximize your available space.
  • Budget: Nursery sets range in price from budget-friendly options to more luxurious brands. Determine your budget and shop within your means, prioritizing safety, quality, and functionality.
  • Theme & Style: Envision your desired nursery theme (e.g., modern, classic, whimsical) and opt for sets that complement your vision. Popular themes include woodland, minimalist, and vintage, all available in a variety of brands at Bambinos & Beyond.

Future-Proofing: Convertible and Multi-Functional Furniture

Future-proof your nursery with adaptable, multi-functional furniture. This approach affords parents better value for their investment and reduces the need for frequent replacements as your child grows.

  • Convertible Cribs: Investing in a convertible crib that transitions from a crib to a toddler bed and, eventually, a full-sized bed can provide years of use. Bambinos & Beyond features options such as the Babymore Luno Cot Bed and the Mamas & Papas Mia Cot Bed.
  • Multi-Purpose Dressers: Dressers that double as diaper changing stations or bookshelves offer versatility and longevity. Consider the Tutti Bambini Modena Chest Changer or the Silver Cross Nostalgia Dresser Changer for expanded usage.
  • Adaptable Playmats: Choose playmats that can be used for seating, play surfaces, or even room dividers as your child grows. The Taf Toys Mat and Stand Set and the Skip Hop Reversible Playmat are excellent examples of versatile playmat solutions.


Creating a comfortable, functional, and visually appealing nursery is a vital component of preparing for your baby's arrival. With Bambinos & Beyond as your reliable guide, you can make confident choices to set up the ideal nursery space that caters to your baby's growth.

Join us in exploring the world of nursery furniture, from the safety and functionality of cribs and dressers to the enchanting realm of playmats and play gyms. Embrace our tips on cohesive themes, adaptable furniture, and effective space planning to create a haven for your little one. Immerse yourself in this delightful journey, empowering yourself to design the perfect nursery for your bundle of joy.

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