7 Tips to Help Your Baby Enjoy the Car Seat While Travelling

For most people, parenting is a fulfilling life responsibility. It's always heartwarming to hold your little one after they're born. However, this loving journey can be stressful for some parents, especially when travelling on the road. 

There's nothing more stressful than hearing your child upset in the car seat as you try to drive to run errands. Some children may naturally not like the car seat, while others who started loving the cosy chair may suddenly rebel against it. 

Regardless of your situation, we recommend securing rear-facing seats with snug-fitting snaps onto your little ones until they're old enough.

Here are seven tips you can try to help your little one enjoy travelling better. 

1. Find the Source of Discomfort

Responsible parents must ensure their little one's comfort, especially when travelling. One of the first steps you can take is to find the source of their discomfort. 

You can apply a stick-on sunshade if they don't like the sun shining on their face. If they're upset because they can't see you, purchase a safe plastic mirror for rear-facing car seats. On the other hand, double-check the size and weight recommendations if you need clarification on the car seat.

2. Dress Them Comfortably

Babies struggle to regulate their body temperatures, so it's best to dress them appropriately for the car ride. We strongly recommend clothing them in a couple of thin layers when placing them in a car seat. 

Avoid bulky jackets and clothes because they can prevent you from adequately tightening the car-seat straps and harnesses. However, if you're worried they might catch a cold, you can place a coat or blanket over them after putting them in your car seat.

3. Apply Calming Essential Oil in Car Diffuser

Using essential oils such as chamomile, clary sage, lavender, and neroli can help reduce stress and agitation and promote a calm environment inside the car. Avoid using chemical-based fragrances because they could trigger allergic reactions. 

You can turn car-seat anxieties into more relaxing moments when you use aromatherapy with a car diffuser. They might help create a more comfortable drive for you. 

4. Play Their Favourite Song

Most parents would know that keeping their baby entertained in the car seat is essential, especially on long journeys. And you can do this by playing their favourite songs. 

Besides their favourite songs, you can also look for other relaxing, calming music because these tunes can help create a calmer mood. That way, everyone else in the car can enjoy the ride. 

5. Have Someone Tag Along

Whether driving with another adult or an older child, you can ask them to sit beside your baby to keep them busy with their favourite book or toy. Letting them sit with your child can help them stay calm throughout the ride. They can also support the baby's head and body, preventing motion sickness. 

On the other hand, if you're driving alone, talking or singing to your child can help them calm down. 

6. Create an Adventure Ritual 

Whether you buy them a special toy for car rides or snuggle with them before buckling them up, you can turn your baby's frown upside down by creating an adventure ritual! After all, you want to give them a happy memory with car rides they can fondly look back on when they're older. 

7. Smile, Keep Calm, and Drive On

If everything else fails, you can only smile through the pain and keep your eyes on the road. 

Keep Calm and Focus on the Road

Car rides can be dreadful for most parents, especially those with babies in the back seat. Having immense patience and creating a more enjoyable travelling atmosphere can help turn their dreaded road trips into a fond core memory. 

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