When Should Parents Introduce Bath Toys to Infants

Among the many nerve-wracking tasks that new parents face is giving their baby a bath. It can be daunting trying to figure out how to hold and support a slippery, wiggly baby while also trying to keep them safe and clean.

Baths are a brilliant way to keep your little one clean and entertained. The bathtub is like a private water park, with games, bubbles and toys galore. However, when is the right time to introduce toys to your little one? 

You may discover you want to introduce toys to the shower in the first few months, but there is only a genuine need to do this once they are six months plus. Watching your baby splash around in the tub with their favourite bath toys can be fun, but there is no rush to do this. 

If you plan to visit your local baby shop, you must understand what toys suit their age and development. Not all bath toys are created equal; some may be more appropriate for your child than others.

Bath Toys for Infants

It is no secret that babies love baths. The warm water, the gentle rocking motion, and the chance to splash around make for a fun and relaxing experience. But what about bath toys? There is no need to introduce bath toys in the initial months, but a simple set of cups used to pour or shower water over them can bring in the happiest giggles and smiles.

It is because babies are still exploring their senses and discovering new things. They are also learning their ability to move and splash around, which is why a set of cups is the perfect toy. They can pour the water themselves and see the results of their actions. Plus, it is a brilliant way to introduce them to cause and effect.

You can introduce more complex bath toys like boats or ducks as your baby grows. But even then, the focus should be on simple and fun rather than educational or complicated toys. After all, bath time is supposed to be a time for your baby to relax and have fun, not to learn something new. So, keep it simple when visiting a baby shop.

Bath Toys from 6 Months

Around the six-month mark is a brilliant time to introduce your little one to bath toys! It is when they typically have reasonable head control and can sit up independently. Plus, they are usually more interested in toys at this age.

Various bath toys are available on the market, but premium bath toys are an excellent option for quality and durability. Look for bath toys that are made from quality materials and are designed to withstand repeated use. Consider bath toys that can grow with your child, such as those used in and outside the tub.

When introducing your little one to bath toys, start with a few simple toys and let them get used to playing in the tub. You can add more bath toys to their collection as they get older and more comfortable. With premium bath toys, your child can have hours of fun in the tub while developing their fine motor skills.


When buying bath toys from your local baby shop, you must consider your baby's age. By doing so, you can ensure that your baby can safely enjoy the bath toy. In addition, you can also avoid purchasing a bath toy that your baby will outgrow quickly.

Now that you have better understanding of which bath toys will work for your baby, you are now ready to visit your local baby shop in Ashby. There is no one better to serve your baby’s needs than Bambinos & Beyond. As parents ourselves, we would like to share the things that make parenthood so much easier. So, shop now!