When Is the Proper Time for Your Baby to Use a High Chair?

One of the most vital elements of raising your newborn is feeding them, yet many new parents struggle to understand how and when to introduce solid foods. You’re probably eager to learn when your child is prepared to transition to a high chair as the next logical stage in their growth.

Here’s a little tip: Your baby will let you know when it’s time to switch if you know what to look for. The paragraphs below will help you recognise your baby’s readiness for this next big milestone so you can utilise a high chair securely when the time comes.

The Best Time to Use a High Chair

Some chairs can recline all the way, making it possible to use them with a baby without risk. Although infants this young shouldn’t eat in a high chair, it does allow you to bring your new baby to family meals so you can start connecting at the dinner table right away. 

Just be sure to buckle your baby in with a 3- or 5-point harness, tighten the crotch post, and avoid using the tray.

The question of when to begin utilising a high chair for feeding has an easy solution! You can begin the transition to an upright high chair once your baby can sit up straight without assistance and can hold their head up straight, which normally occurs between the ages of four and six months. Place the tray in the high chair after raising it entirely from its reclined position. To hold your infant securely in place, keep using the crotch post and make sure to use the 5-point harness.

Wait until your baby can sit up unattended, hold their head up without swaying, and sit upright in a high chair that reclines all the way before using it.

Safety Guidelines for Using a High Chair

Safety is essential for everything you do with your infant. Fortunately, if you bear the following in mind, utilising a high chair safely is rather simple.

Pick a reliable and robust high chair. Place your baby in the high chair on a flat, sturdy surface and secure them with the included harness at all times.

To prevent the high chair from collapsing, check the leg-locking mechanism to make sure the legs are locked in place.

Keep your child in the high chair at all times. Gather your baby’s food, cutlery, bib, wipes, and anything else you’ll need for mealtime before you buckle them in so that you have it all close at hand and don’t have to leave your child unattended while you get something.

Your baby will feel like they are a part of the action if the chair is close to the table, but it shouldn’t be too close for them to reach knives, plates, hot meals and beverages, or other potentially harmful items on the table. 

Additionally, keep the chair away from any objects that your infant could kick off and knock the chair over, such as tables, walls, and other furniture pieces.


The transition to the high chair is a significant step for both your child and your family. However, the transition may be simple and full of many happy moments for everyone if you have all the knowledge you need about when to use a high chair and how to use it securely.

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