7 Tips for Parents in Selecting the Best High Chair

Selecting the best high chair for their child can be challenging for parents. While there are many different types of high chairs to choose from inside a baby shop, there are some essential factors that parents should consider when making their purchase.

The following tips help parents narrow their choices and select the best high chair for their family.

1. Height

Height is an essential factor to consider when selecting a high chair. The chair should be tall enough to allow your child to be seated at the same level as the table and other family members. This will help them feel more engaged and included in family meals and activities. It is also essential to ensure the chair is adjustable so that the height can be adjusted as your child grows.

2. Safety

Safety is an essential factor when selecting a high chair. The chair should have a sturdy, stable base and adjustable safety straps. The straps should be adaptable and secure enough to keep your child safely in place. It is also essential to look for a chair with a broad base, as this will help to prevent tipping.

3. Comfort

Comfort is another crucial factor to consider when selecting a high chair. The chair should have a comfortable and supportive seat with plenty of padding. It should also have adjustable footrests and tray heights to ensure your child is comfortable and can easily reach their food. Additionally, look for a high chair with reclining positions and adjustable footrests.

4. Ease of Cleaning

Ease of cleaning is an essential factor to consider when selecting a high chair. Look for one that can be wiped clean and has removable trays and seats. This will make cleaning up after meals much more manageable and help to keep your high chair looking its best.

5. Quality of Materials

The quality of materials used in the high chair is also essential. Make sure the materials are safe and durable. Look for high chairs made with non-toxic materials, such as wood or metal, as these materials are more durable and safe for your baby.

6. Versatility

Versatility is also key when it comes to high chairs. Look for a chair that can be utilised with various tables, whether a low table or a regular dining table. This will ensure that your baby can join in on meals with the whole family. Additionally, look for a chair that can be easily folded away when not in use so that it won’t take up too much space.

7. Additional Features

Finally, consider any additional features that the high chair may have. Some high chairs have features such as a built-in cup holder, a removable tray, or an adjustable seat. These features can help make feeding time more enjoyable for both you and your baby.

Overall, there are many factors to deal with when choosing a high chair for your little one. By taking the time to research the different features and materials available, you can ensure that you select the perfect high chair for your baby.


Selecting a high chair inside a baby shop in Ashby is a big decision for many parents. It is important to choose a chair that is comfortable and safe for your child, as well as one that is the right size, age-appropriate and adjustable. All of these considerations will help you to make an informed decision when selecting the perfect high chair in a baby shop in Ashby.

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